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Key Benefits


Apart from the host of benefits offered by resin flooring systems, if you have an unprotected concrete floor you could run the risk of expensive repair or replacement at a later date. A simple treatment with a seal will greatly extend the working life of the floor.

Increased protection comes from the use of our medium or heavy duty systems, which actually strengthen and protect the floor against such stresses as point loading and abrasion.



Although extremely tough, resin flooring systems can be designed to offer far greater compressive strength than concrete. This is achieved through a layered composite design structure that enables the floor to dissipate stress and increase the load bearing limit of the floor substrate underneath.



Adding graded aggregates to the resin mix provides a high degree of slip resistance in wet and greasy environments, offering a more durable and seamless option to other flooring types.

As mentioned earlier, resin flooring is the only system selected by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) that can be designed to meet all of the critical performance criteria for working environments and still retain slip resistance.



All resin flooring systems offer a seamless, impervious and easily cleaned floor surface that will not harbour bacteria. Inert properties mean that it does not taint and can be steam cleaned when laid at 9mm.

Both medium and heavy duty systems can be designed to incorporate coving between the floor and walls. This can be formed using similar material, avoiding seams that could otherwise create dirt traps.



Ease of cleaning and longevity of resin flooring systems can substantially reduce maintenance and life cycle costs. By implementing a regular and simple cleaning regime, the high quality finish of a seamless floor can be maintained for many years to come. We will always advise our customers on the most appropriate regime and cleaning materials to be used.



Resin flooring systems are available in a wide range of colours including decorative quartz and flake systems. Different profiles, produced by using graded aggregates, are available to provide a high degree of slip resistance in wet and greasy environments. Using advanced synthetic resin material can now offer a more durable and attractive option to traditional flooring alternatives.



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