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Case Study: Resin Flooring

Unipart Group HSS Electric Cell Area

    • Unipart Group
    • Project: Industrial Refurbishment
    • Commenced: October 2016
    • Completed: Ocotber 2016
    • Area Covered: 1650m2

Unipart House in Cowley, Oxfordshire had experienced many problems with resin floor coverings in the past due to the fact that the majority of their substrate is made from asphalt. As asphalt expands and contracts in different temperatures, so it presents problems for resin flooring, often causing the bonded floor covering to crack and ultimately de-bond.

Zenith was requested by Unipart to recommend a system that would work on asphalt for their HSS Electric Cell Area, ensuring a durable, cost-effective solution. Given the difficulties with the substrate, there were few options available. However, Zenith was able to recommend a system by Deckmaster, a wholly owned subsidiary of Resdev Ltd, which was capable of meeting the criteria.

Initially, Zenith’s team commenced works by grinding the entire floor area, measuring some 1650 m2, to remove all existing coatings and applying Deckaflix grouting to some of the more pitted areas. Once the surface was level, they were able to apply Deckmaster HFS UVR, a 1.5mm trowel-applied, flexible polyurethane system, designed specifically to go on asphalt substrates. This flexible, hardwearing system can be laid directly on to the prepared asphalt substrate, with no requirement for a primer or seal coat, helping to keep shutdown to a minimum.

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  • Products & Systems Used:
  • Deckmaster Deckafix HFS UVR
  • Deckmaster Deckafix Grout
Hear what our customers have to say:

“Zenith Pola Flooring provided a specification that allowed us to refurbish our floor without the need for prolonged shutdown. We have experienced many problems in the past with resin floor coverings owing to the fact that a large majority of our substrate is asphalt.

Zenith’s specification allowed us to lay over the existing finish and ultimately shorten the programme. We are extremely happy with the service provided throughout the project and with the finish of the floor.”

Customer Feedback

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