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Case Study: Refurbishment Services

Zenith gives Covpress building a new lease of life

  • Covpress Ltd
  • Project: Painting & Decorating 
  • Contract Period: February 2016 – May 2016

Covpress Ltd is one of the UK’s leading automotive suppliers, providing professional metal stamping and robotic assembly for the automotive industry. The Covpress site at Coventry comprises 33,000 square metres of manufacturing capability, with presses ranging from 125 up to 2500 tonnes and accommodates both robotic and manual assembly along with a new powder coating facility.

Zenith was contracted to handle painting and decorating of the former Coventry Radiator and Presswork Company Limited premises, which is over sixty years old and has not been decorated since the 1970s. The project involves three separate stages and is currently nearing completion ready to be operational in May 2016.

The first stage involved preparation of the roof steel works, requiring many layers of old paint and excessive rust build up to be removed before a rust inhibiting Zinc Phosphate Primer could be applied, followed by an oil-based eggshell paint.

The second stage involved floor preparation, with teams using mechanical grinding machines to clean and provide a suitable surface to which heavy duty paint could adhere. Leyland Heavy Duty Floor Paint was applied, which is resistant to chemicals, water, oil and grease and ideal for use on concrete floors.

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  • Services:
  • Industrial Cleaning, Painting & Decorating 
  • Products:
  • Zinc Phosphate Primer
  • Johnstones Alkyd Based Steel & Cladding in Dark Grey
  • Leyland heavy duty floor paint
  • Leyland heavy duty road marking paint
  • Johnstone's stabilising solution
  • Johnstone's white piolite masonry paint
  • Leyland light grey base eggshell
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