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Case Study: Refurbishment Services

Extending the car park at Nationwide Building Society

  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Project: Formation of 280 additional car parking spaces
  • Contract period: 16 weeks
  • Contract value: £670,000

Zenith Refitment Services were called upon to extend Nationwide’s overcrowded car parking facilities, with capacity for 2,500 cars, providing an additional 280 car parking spaces. The primary challenge was to maintain Nationwide’s existing car parking facility in use 24 hours a day for the duration of the works. This involved operating heavy machinery in an occupied, restricted and over-capacity car park as well as ensuring all internal roads were kept clean.

While this job was outside of Zenith Refitment’s usual remit, the contract was awarded based on a recommendation for the company’s excellent project management skills within a sensitive environment. As a result, Zenith Refitment was employed as Principle Contractor, with a dedicated Site Manager to ensure effective local communication and an immediate response to any issues on site.

The works involved removing the current landscaping, including large trees and grass banks, and adjusting the ground levels. This saw the team redirecting footpaths and relocating the underground storm drains. They were also required to relocate the existing CCTV and car park lighting, and form new retaining walls with steps and hand railing. Then once the additional car parking spaces were completed, the final requirement was landscaping of the areas.

The project highlights Zenith Refitment’s capability to undertake full project management of a challenging site with limited space and carry out works while in full use. As demonstrated, this called for the highest levels of organisation and health & safety to ensure the job was completed speedily to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

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  • Works carried out:
  • Construction
  • Relocation of storm drains
  • Alterations to power, llighting & CCTV
  • Landscaping


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