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Case Study: Resin Flooring

Birmingham Children’ s Hospital

  • Birmingham Children's Hospital
  • Contractor: William Gough
  • Commenced: 4th September 2015
  • Completed: 24th September
  • Area Coverage: 411m2

Zenith was appointed by contractors, William Gough, to work on the refurbishment of Ward 10 High Dependency Unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, located in Birmingham City Centre. With children needing to return to the unit by the end of the month, Zenith had just three and a half weeks to complete the flooring installation.

Located on the third floor, the project was further complicated by limited access, with materials and waste products having to be transported via the fire escape. The client selected resin flooring as an alternative to the existing vinyl floor, which required constant maintenance, causing logistical and operational problems. In contrast, ComfortFloor Pro resin flooring is completely seamless, extremely hardwearing and easily cleaned, with excellent acoustic qualities, comfortable underfoot and a ten-year guarantee.

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  • Products & Systems Used:
  • Uzin NC 110 gypsum based smoothing compound
  • Sika’s coving grade
  • Sikafloor Comfort Adhesive
  • Sikafloor Comfort Rugupol 6015H rubber shockpad
  • Sikafloor Comfort Porefiller
  • Sikafloor 330
  • Sikafloor 305W coloured seal and Sikafloor 304W clear matt seal

Initially, the team ripped out the existing floor, comprising vinyl, plywood and wooden planks, and leveled the floor with a 25mm gypsum-based smoothing compound. As the mixing station adjacent was too small for the job, this had to be pumped up from the ground floor and applied in one hit, keeping dust to a minimum due to the location of the cancer ward opposite. The gypsum-based screed allowed the team to install ‘unbonded’ on to the existing bitumen adhesive, helping to keep noise levels to a minimum. Sika’s coving grade was then applied over the next three days, while the gypsum dried.

Next, rubber shockpad was layered onto wet adhesive, with Porefiller applied to act as a grout and sealer, and Sikafloor 330 applied, layered at 2mm, to produce a completely seamless floor. Finally, two coats of coloured seal produced the required matt finish. Zenith also designed and installed some fun circular shapes and added a ‘Welcome to Ward 10’ logo at the entrance, finished with one coat of clear matt sealer.

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Hear what our customers have to say:

“I am overwhelmed by the service provided by Zenith. Not only have they been exceptionally hard working, but their dedication and passion has been endearing. My nursing team particularly commends their strong moral character and pleasant personalities. Their professionalism and customer service has been second to none. They have gone beyond their ‘scope of work’ to make sure that every item has been addressed and we are satisfied. I believe that it exceeds industry standards in quality and workmanship, and give my strongest recommendation for Zenith.”

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