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Bird Dropping Removal

Bird Dropping Removal

Bird droppings are unsightly; foul smelling; pose a risk to health, harbouring mites and several diseases such as Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis; can block ducts and ventilation systems, spreading contaminants through the building; and can corrode buildings, due to being highly acidic, causing permanent damage.

  • Our service offering includes:
  • High-level bird dropping removal
  • Ground and low-level bird dropping removal
  • Disinfection of all surrounding areas
Hear what our customers have to say:

'I have been working with Zenith for over 7 years in the field of environmental cleaning. The work covered ranges from pumping out lift pits to clearing pigeons/flies from lift motor rooms.

They offer a prompt and reliable service at a very competitive price and always do a thorough job. I have received compliments on their work from other contractors and have always found their staff very helpful.' 

Daryll Buckley | Technical Contract Officer | WM Whitefriars Housing

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How we can help

Usually, bird droppings can be found at high levels including balconies, windows, roofs, and lofts. Our special disinfection service allows us to easily remove bird droppings from these hard to reach places. All of our team are fully trained in high-level cleaning, ensuring optimum safety.

Should you be concerned with bird droppings on pavements, courtyards and outdoor areas, we will use high pressure water jets to powerfully remove the waste, disinfecting the surrounding areas, reducing contamination.

Our advanced cleaning and disinfection procedures ensure that bird dropping removal is performed in a safe and efficient manner, with all members dressed in appropriate PPE.

Our bird dropping removal service is offered to those based in Coventry, Warwickshire, West Midlands and the East Midlands.

Our Accreditations

Committed to maintaining the highest standards of reliability, safety and professionalism, Zenith Contract Services is accredited by a number of industry recognised professional bodies.