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Case Study: Resin Flooring

Deli Co, Milton Keynes

  • Deli Co, Milton Keynes
  • Contractor: Lodge Park Construction
  • Commenced: January 2014
  • Completed: March 2014
  • Area Coverage: 2,400m2

Deli Co is a food processing company operating from a 2,400 Sq m new build premises at Milton Keynes, with a predominantly wet working environment. This called for a flooring system capable of performing in these conditions, with excellent wet anti-slip values and able to withstand hard wheeled traffic, abrasion and high levels of impact.

A highly durable, abrasion and impact-resistant, selfpriming and self-sealing resin floor, supplied and fitted by Zenith, met the requirements of Deli Co perfectly. First, the new concrete slab floor was PPC shotblasted to provide a good mechanical to which the finish could bond. Then Resdev Pumadur HF was laid at 6mm by a team of 4 people, and all expansion joints were reinstated by sawcutting, and backfilled using Pumexpand P. The main difficulty encountered was the cold ambient temperature for the majority of the project.

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  • Products & Systems Used:
  • Resdev Pumadur HF
  • Pumexpand PContact
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