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Case Study: Resin Flooring

Providing a solution to Biffa Waste’s deteriorating expansion joints

  • Client: Biffa Waste Depot
  • Projects: Replace Deteriorating Expansion Joints
  • Products: Vebro Polyurethane Screed / Pumexpand

Project Description

Biffa Waste Depot was experiencing a problem with its existing flooring, due to heavy duty use over the years. Deteriorating expansion joints were creating hazards for both foot and wheeled traffic and a solution was required that would involve minimum disruption to the daily workload.

Zenith was consulted, and devised a solution that would rectify the problem, strengthen the existing floor and provide a seamless join with the existing floor to ensure the safe usage of machinery and equipment by operatives.

The solution comprised a number of stages. Initially, we saw-cut the defective joints on either side to form a neat edge. The next task was to mechanically break out the concrete and old jointing compound to form a rebate approximately 200mm wide. After this, we supplied and laid Vebro polyurethane screed to the prepared rebates, trowelling to match the surrounding profiles.

Once the screed was cured, we were able to saw cut and introduce new expansion joints and fill, using Pumexpand jointing compound. While Pumexpand allows for movement within the joint, it is designed to be strong enough to protect the edges of the new joint.

The result is a robust flooring repair that is strong enough to withstand heavy usage for many years to come, using advanced materials and installation methods that meet the requirements of the brief, providing a solution that is neat, easy to maintain and fit for purpose, ensuring the safety of operatives and safe usage of equipment.

Needless to say, the work was carried out within a set timeframe, with minimum disruption to work schedules and to meet the requirements of the brief and budget. The client was delighted with the results, which remove the hazard, provide a long-lasting solution and allow the existing floor to continue to be used.

Zenith will always work collaboratively with clients, using our know-how and expertise to work with existing conditions, analyse the problems specific to the job and provide the optimum, most appropriate solution.

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Downloadable Case Study

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