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8th March 2018

Zenith to the Rescue

Last week the ‘Beast from the East’ swept across the UK bringing wintery showers and causing disruption to roads and plumbing systems.

A member of the public, Dee Thorne, fell victim to the bad weather when his car was stuck in a mound of snow on Fosse Way on his way to work, leaving him unable to move. Seeing someone in distress, two Zenith workers out on a job stopped to offer their assistance. Cleaning a stretch of the road and pushing the vehicle out of the snow, the car was freed.

Dee Thorne has said “it cheers me to know that there are good people out there that are willing to help a fellow motorist in need. If it hadn't have been for their kindness and effort, this stretch of the Fosse would've been completely blocked by me in my little red car, desperately stuck.”

The Zenith workers braved the cold and hazardous conditions to offer a helping hand. This act of kindness touched the gentleman and he has since been in touch to offer the workers a breakfast to express his gratitude.

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