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24th October 2016

Zenith Refitment, Palm Recycling at Pro Logis Park, Keresley


Zenith has successfully completed a dilapidation project for a former Palm Recycling plant, providing a professional and highly effective service in particularly difficult circumstances.

Palm Recycling at Pro Logis Park in Keresley, Coventry had been used as a paper recycling plant for five years. Zenith’s challenge was to restore the building to its original state ready for new occupiers.

Initially, the clean down of the roof and wall linings proved problematic, as there was no extraction system in place, resulting in a situation that a member of Zenith’s team likened to ‘being inside a hoover bag’. The job was further compromised by the work of another cleaning contractor who had tried to remove the ingrained dirt with a jetwash, causing serious electrical and alarm issues.

Zenith’s team then carried out a full dilapidation service throughout which included, undertaking a full deep clean of the factory, resin floor repairs and repainting. General repairs were also carried out in washrooms, new ceiling tiles fitted and a final thorough clean undertaken in all offices and washroom facilities. Externally, the team cleared up the grounds, cleaned carparks and the delivery yard, and reinstated roadmarkings.

Martyn Hancox, MD, commented: “It was a particularly difficult project, with a high level of ingrained dirt due to the lack of an extraction system. The inept endeavours of another contract cleaner further complicated the job. Our team worked systematically through the premises, cleaning and repairing as necessary, and as a result, the client’s exit costs were substantially reduced. Needless to say, both the client and the building’s landlord were delighted.”

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