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12th April 2016

Zenith Passes Achilles Audit

Zenith is proud to have passed the Achilles Building Confidence Audit for the second year running, validating the Group’s capability, competence and compliance with industry recognised supplier standards.

On 4th April 2016, Zenith underwent the Achilles Audit and successfully passed, indicating the group’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality, productivity and reliability. This is the second year that the Zenith Group has gained the award.

The Achilles Audit is a wide-ranging audit that reflects industry requirements, including standards, best practice and country-specific laws. Designed to give buyers greater confidence and trust in the information provided by a supplier, it covers such areas as Corporate Social Responsibility, sustainability, health and safety, environment, carbon emissions, factory assessment, quality, business continuity and human resources.

Audited status can help gain accreditation with other bodies and is an essential requirement when tendering for jobs. As well as offering a transparent and structured audit process, enabling suppliers to demonstrate positive audit performance to potential buyers, it also assists suppliers in the drive towards continuous improvement, helping them gain a competitive advantage.

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