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28th July 2015

Zenith Offers ‘Reach & Wash’ Window Cleaning for Optimum Results


Zenith Contractors prides itself on providing a flexible, reliable, quality window cleaning service for public and commercial premises, and is pleased to provide the latest ‘Reach & Wash’ system with purified water for best results.

Safe, effective and efficient, the revolutionary ‘Reach & Wash’ system utilises a long pole through which pure water is fed into a specially designed brush head, achieving superior results as well as providing significant benefits.

For a start, the principle of using pure water means that no cleaning agents or chemicals are involved, ensuring the system is completely eco-friendly. As the detergent in traditional methods tends to attract dirt over time, pure water is more efficient, ensuring windows stay cleaner for longer. The pure water is filtered and deionised to remove any static charge, enabling it to absorb impurities and lift dirt, producing a totally streak-free, sterile surface.

The ‘Reach & Wash’ system also satisfies Health & Safety ‘Working at Height’ regulations, as all cleaning is handled at ground level. Pure water is fed up the telescopic fibreglass pole to the brush head, which is moved over the window surface, enabling both glass and frame to be cleaned. With a scope of up to 21 metres (65 feet), inaccessible areas can be reached with ease, eliminating the need for ladders, with their associated hazards. This is particularly effective for cleaning sloping roofs and atriums. In addition, the system reduces the risk of disturbance to guttering, landscaping and borders, as well as protecting privacy.

Meeting Zenith’s exacting standards for cleanliness, safety and quality, the ‘Reach & Wash’ system enables exceptional results to be achieved easily and effectively.

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