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23rd April 2018

Zenith Handles Sensitive Case

Zenith Contractors were called out by Coventry City Council to clean a property that was considered to be a safety hazard by the fire service, due to mounds of waste and unwanted items building up and blocking exits that could be used in emergency situations.

The tenant was a vulnerable elderly lady who struggles with the upkeep of the property and is very nervous about letting people she does not know into her home. After introducing two members of the friendly Zenith team, the lady felt confident with workers being in her home, allowing a thorough deep clean to take place.

As the cleaning operators left the property, the rubbish was re-emptied back onto the floor and the clean-up had to begin again. The clean took two days to complete, still within the given project timescale, filling over 10 rubbish bags with waste. In addition to removing the rubbish bags, Zenith removed some old furniture that allowed for an electric bed to be installed. The team even ensured the new bedding was fitted and ready for immediate use.

Coventry City Council discussed this particular case with their safeguarding team and Zenith were praised on the conscientious of their work and ability to work in such sensitive environments.

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