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19th January 2016

Zenith Gets To Grip With Unipart's Asphalt Substrate

Zenith Pola Flooring provides seamless resin flooring for all types of application and specialises in designing bespoke solutions for the most complex of requirements, as the recent installations at Unipart demonstrate.

Resin floor coverings had presented many problems at Unipart House in Cowley, due to the asphalt substrate lying beneath. As asphalt expands and contracts in different temperatures, it can be problematic for resin flooring, often forcing the bonded floor covering to crack and ultimately de-bond.

Unipart asked Zenith to recommend a durable, cost-effective flooring solution capable of bonding with the asphalt substrate in two key areas, the HSS Electric Cell Area and the HSS Fuel Cell Area. Both areas were subject to industrial and foot traffic, calling for a hardwearing seamless floor solution that would be guaranteed for many years. In addition, the HSS Fuel Cell Area was to become a showpiece that could be displayed to clients, requiring a solution that was aesthetically pleasing as well as robust.

Zenith rose to the challenge and came up with a bespoke solution for each area. In the Electric Cell Area they installed a flexible polyurethane system designed specifically to cover asphalt substrates with no need for a primer or sealcoat. In the Fuel Cell area they combined a smoothing compound with a fibreglass mesh to provide a suitable base for the resin flooring, finishing with a 2mm self-smoother with a satin seal coat for extra scratch-resistance.

Both solutions enabled the floor coverings to be applied direct to the asphalt substrate, saving time and avoiding the need for prolonged shutdown. Roy Fraser at Unipart commented: “We have experienced many problems in the past with resin floor coverings. Zenith’s specification allowed us to lay over the existing finish and ultimately shorten the programme. We are extremely happy with the service and the finish of the floor.”

To read the case study for each, giving details of products used, please follow the links below:

Unipart HSS Electric Cell Area
Unipart HSS Fuel Cell Area

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