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28th July 2016

Zenith Contract Soars with Lisi Aerospace

Zenith is delighted to have been awarded a new contract by Lisi Aerospace for cleaning their new Hub 3 building, due to open in August 2016, and sees this as recognition of their professionalism, efficiency and desire to continually improve.

Lisi Aerospace is a worldwide manufacturing specialist for fasteners and structural components used for both engines and airframes of aircraft. An industry leader in performance and innovation, the organisation prides itself on its products, values and long term vision, and is committed to a process of continual improvement.

For a number of years, Zenith has had a cleaning contract with Lisi Aerospace and, over time, the company has become one of Zenith’s biggest accounts. Taking the contract forward illustrates the company’s confidence in the service and levels of reliability that Zenith provides.

In particular, Lisi Aerospace has appreciated Zenith’s efficiency, professionalism and desire to continually improve. Zenith is delighted to have secured the contract to clean the new Hub 3 building, due to open August 2016, and sees this as recognition of their hard work, high standards and capability.

A spokesperson from Zenith comments: “After 30 years in business, we understand what clean means. Our levels of workmanship are consistently high, we react when required and continually aim to exceed expectations. Lisi Aerospace can look forward to the same high levels of commitment and delivery we have always provided when we commence the new contract.”

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