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17th November 2016

Zenith Carries out ‘Sharp’ Sweep for Beechwood


Zenith Contractors has completed a ground clearance and sharps sweep on behalf of new clients, Beechwood Trees & Landscapes Ltd, ensuring the area is safe and ready for future groundwork.

Zenith’s team of specialist cleaners was asked by leading arboricultural and landscaping contractor, Beechwood, to carry out a ground clearance alongside a number of properties at Gilbert Close in Coventry. This was a difficult task, involving the clearance of all debris, including sharp and medical items, with access to the area restricted by a heavy population of trees and shrubs.

As environmental cleaners, Zenith’s operatives possess the specialised skills and accreditations required to undertake hypodermic needle and ‘sharp’ sweeps, including the safe removal and disposal to official waste sites.

The team attended the location, and increased manpower was supplied by Zenith to ensure the job was completed within the five days allocated. Every effort was made to remove all ‘sharps’ and discarded medical items from the area running alongside the pathway to the rear of the properties, and the team also made safe and backfilled a large sunken area on site.

Zenith advised Beechwood that while every effort had been made to remove all ‘sharps’ and discarded medical items, some may remain hidden in the areas that were inaccessible until trees and shrubs were removed. Also, there was the possibility of a small number of items may be left by local people after Zenith had vacated the site, prior to Beechwood commencing work.

Beechwood visited the site as Zenith was completing their work and were delighted with the results, commenting that the team had ‘done a fantastic job’, enabling clearance work to commence the following week.

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