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18th November 2016

Zenith Carries out Environmental Clean for Blind Veterans UK

Zenith has carried out a full environmental house clean on behalf of new client, Blind Veterans UK. This involved de-cluttering and sanitising a bungalow environment, while remaining sensitive to the tenant’s needs and wishes.

Zenith was approached by Blind Veterans UK, a charity committed to helping vision-impaired Armed Forces and National Service veterans remain independent in their own homes. They required Zenith to perform a full environmental clean of a Sutton Coldfield-based bungalow that had become ingrained with dirt and grime over the years and was inhabited by a partially-sighted veteran.

The job involved a full de-clutter prior to an extensive environmental deep clean and sanitation of all surfaces in the property, including sanitary wear, kitchen cupboards, woodwork, floors, ceilings and windows. Fearful of losing many of his possessions, the tenant was anxious about the clean, requiring the team to act with care and compassion whilst carrying out the work.

Highly trained in this type of work, Zenith’s operatives were able to work sensitively with the tenant, ensuring cleaning and clearance was carried out in a friendly and professional manner. The tenant welcomed them into the property and was happy to work with them, taking on board suggestions how to keep his home clean.

The job involved a deep clean and sanitisation of the bathroom, kitchen and hallway, including chemical cleaning of floor tiles in each area to remove the excessive build up of dirt and grime. As the tenant was concerned about items being moved, the team were not granted access to the living room and given limited access to the bedroom, being allowed to chemically clean only the first four feet of floor space.

Zenith is hopeful of building a relationship with the tenant, enabling them to carry out a full deep clean of the living room, including windows, walls, ceiling, switches, sockets and doors and the entire floor in the bedroom.

Blind Veterans UK were delighted with the compassionate way Zenith’s operatives approached the job and the work that was carried out. They have now asked Zenith to carry out general cleaning and maintenance at the property on a weekly basis.

The job highlights Zenith’s ability to work sympathetically in a pleasant, non-judgmental manner as well as carry out a deep environmental clean and sanitisation, ensuring the work is performed to the highest standards and living conditions for the tenant considerably improved.

They were careful to explain they simply wanted to carry out a thorough deep clean and provide a more pleasant environment in which to live.

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Blind Veterans UK is a UK charity committed to supporting vision-impaired Armed Forces and National Service veterans. This includes helping veterans to relearn vital life skills and be independent in their own homes, discovering a life beyond sight loss.

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