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13th April 2023

Why you need a commercial cleaning company to deep clean your office...

Are you aware how many germs there are in an average office? With so many people coming and going, each one touching common objects such as keyboards, light switches, door handles, printers and so on, it means an average office may have up to 400 x more germs than a toilet seat. That’s not to mention the amount of grime and dirt generated by people walking in from outside and eating food in the office.

It's an unpleasant image, but it does bring home just how dirty an office can get simply through everyday use, and highlights the importance of having not only a regular cleaning schedule, but also a deep clean, ideally twice a year.

Factors affecting office hygiene

Unhygienic habits in the workplace can help to increase the spread of germs. Here are a few office habits that can affect levels of cleanliness:

• Not washing hands after visiting the toilet
• Eating at your desk
• Sneezing, coughing and touching surfaces
• Having a dog in the office
• The increase in hot desking
• Not washing up cups properly

The benefits of a deep clean

Since the pandemic, people have developed a greater awareness and appreciation of the importance of maintaining cleanliness in public spaces and having regular office cleans. Post Covid, deep office cleans have increased significantly to help ensure a hygienic environment for employees and visitors, with many companies now having at least two deep cleans a year.

Whereas a regular clean tends to involve vacuuming, mopping floors, cleaning the kitchen and tidying up, a deep clean is more in-depth, penetrating the areas where dirt and grime has really built up, such as around windows and behind appliances, and deep into corners where dust has accumulated, and including specialist processes to remove bacteria.

The health benefits are immediately obvious. Bacteria can build up in many areas, including phones, keyboards and desks, potentially affecting the health of office workers. A combination of regular and deep cleaning helps to prevent illness and absenteeism, which in turn can impact productivity and profitability. With less bacteria around, health levels generally improve, resulting in less time off work.

In addition, an unclean, dirty office not only looks unprofessional to visitors, but also affects staff morale and doesn’t motivate employees to work harder. A sparkling clean office with better air quality provides a much more pleasant, professional working environment.

Talk to Zenith

The advantage of using professional cleaners, such as Zenith, is that you are benefiting from a company with the expertise, knowledge, and equipment to carry out a thorough and extensive deep clean, ensuring maximum levels of cleanliness. All our deep cleaners are professionally trained and have an in-depth understanding of the levels of cleanliness required, particularly in those industries with strict hygiene standards.

We have the necessary equipment to tackle areas that are hard to reach, along with the appropriate cleaning products for the job in hand, ensuring your workspace is not only free from dirt and dust, but also harmful bacteria.

As required, we can utilise innovative, proven cleaning processes, such as dust extraction or an electrostatic disinfection spray designed to tackle the transmission of bacteria, providing further protection, leaving your office space thoroughly and intensively cleaned. In addition, we can carry out the deep clean at a time to suit you, when your staff are away from the premises, such as a holiday time, weekend or evening, thereby minimising downtime.

For a professional, commercial deep clean tailored to your specific requirements, at a time to suit you, please get in touch. Either call 024 7668 7167 or email info@zenithcontractservices.co.uk

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