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7th December 2022

Why use a professional carpet cleaning company?

When your workplace carpets need cleaning, do you rent a carpet-cleaning machine and attempt to do it yourself or hire a commercial carpet-cleaning company and have it done professionally?

Whether you operate office or retail premises, leisure or hospitality facilities, educational or medical establishments, government or industrial premises, the best advice is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company as the advantages by far outweigh a DIY approach.

Here at Zenith, our professional carpet-cleaning team provides a flexible and reliable service, delivering significant benefits in terms of capability, speed and results, and ensuring any work place carpet that receives high footfall is thoroughly cleaned and presentable.

The advantages:

Equipment: we’ve invested in industrial grade equipment designed to remove dirt and debris that normal vacuum cleaners/washers can’t pick up.

Skill: our cleaning technicians are highly trained carpet cleaners and can advise on the best treatment for your carpet, based on its commercial use.

Time: we work quickly and professionally, and understand the importance of keeping disruption to a minimum, usually working when your premises are closed to minimise downtime.

Flexibility: we offer a service that suits your business, working around your busy times, ensuring the job is completed and the carpet dry before your staff or customers return.

Insurance: we are fully insured to operate our carpet cleaning machinery and to clean your carpets.

The benefits:

Good impression: clean, fresh carpets create a welcoming environment and make a good impression on customers and staff, showing that you are a business which cares about the details.

Smelling clean and fresh: we use odour neutraliser to help keep your premises smelling as pleasant and fresh as possible.

Targets mould, dust and allergens: our cleaning process targets mould, dust and allergens, which may contribute towards breathing difficulties, so your staff and customers can benefit from a higher standard of environmental quality.

Attacks dirt and bacteria: dirty carpets are not good for your health. Our cleaning process attacks bacteria and viruses that live in carpets, such as norovirus and salmonella, which could potentially make your staff ill, helping to sanitise your carpet and create a healthier indoor environment.

Reduces staff absence: routine carpet care can help to clean indoor air quality and remove community-spread viruses that may contribute to employee sick days, cutting down the number of days your staff take off ill.

Stain removal: carpets in places utilised by regular footfall will inevitably attract stains that can prove persistent and difficult to remove. Our cleaning technicians know how to handle all types of stain, using the right equipment and cleaning substances to help remove them and revive your carpet.

Talk to Zenith

Regular carpet care and maintenance helps to lengthen the life of your carpet, giving your premises a smart, professional look, while creating a clean, fresh environment that helps to safeguard the health of your staff and reduce sick days.

We are happy to visit your premises to examine your floor covering and ascertain your cleaning requirements, providing a tailored quote based on usage, type of carpet and level of dirt. To find out more, call Zenith on 024 7668 7167 or email info@zenithcontractorservices.co.uk

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