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19th June 2023

The benefits of using a commercial painter & decorator

Operating commercial premises involves adhering to the highest standards, and none more so than when it comes to painting and decorating. Whatever the nature of your premises, whether residential, office, retail, educational or industrial, it’s essential they are painted and decorated professionally, inside and out, ensuring that they not only look good, but comply with the required health & safety regulations and procedures.

While it may be tempting to do the job yourself, hiring a professional painting & decorating company provides a wide range of benefits, giving you the peace of mind your premises are in safe hands and that the job will be completed on time, to budget, using quality products that will last for many years to come. Here, we look at the advantages of using professional painting and decorating services:


For a start, you’re employing a professional company, with the experience, expertise and knowledge to ensure any problems are addressed and the correct products and techniques are used and applied. A professional painter & decorator will also have invested in the right tools and equipment for the job - from paint sprayers to sand blasters and pressure washers - and be able to advise on the most appropriate paint for your premises. Also, it’s worth noting that a professional commercial painting company will follow the guidelines recommended by The Painting Contractors Association (PCA), meeting 25 individual PCA standards.

Prepping the building

Preparation is the most essential part of painting and decorating, as it provides the foundation for the best possible decorative finish, no matter what the age or condition of the surface. Any surface, whether exterior or interior, needs to be prepped before the job can begin, ensuring any chipped, bubbled or non-adhering paint is removed and the surface sanded to make sure the new paint adheres properly. A professional painter and decorator will follow the PCA’s strict guidelines as to cleaning and prepping the surface, carrying out any necessary repairs before applying the new paint.

Specialist knowledge

Depending on the usage, age and location of your building, there may be such issues as damp, mould or moisture, or even smoke damage, requiring professional knowledge to tackle the issue and ensure it is dealt with appropriately. A professional painter and decorator will know exactly how to tackle the problem and ensure the best results.

Saves time

A professional painter and decorator will quote not only on the price but the time it will take to complete the job, enabling you to plan ahead and schedule in the work when convenient. They’ll also work quickly and efficiently, taking into account such factors as the weather (for external work), the location, surfaces to be painted and amount of prepping required.

Quality materials

It goes without saying, you need the best quality materials for the job, ensuring optimum performance and longevity. A commercial painter has access to top quality, professional products at trade prices, ensuring you benefit from the optimum materials for the job, ensuring a professional finish, at a competitive price.

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Talk to Zenith

We offer a wide range of professional painting and decorating services across the Midlands and beyond, covering all types of commercial or industrial project, including warehouses, factories, office blocks and business units.

All members of our team are fully trained in Health & Safety and work quickly and efficiently to the highest professional standards. At all times, we aim to minimise disruption to your business and are totally flexible with our on-site hours to suit your requirements.

Our services include internal and external painting and decorating, hygienic paint for sterile areas, airless spray painting, textured paint finishes, epoxy resin painting, external roof and wall coatings, fire protective coatings and anti mould treatments.

We also offer a fast response to properties managed by local councils, housing associations and private landlords, including sheltered accommodation, where fast turnaround is essential once a property becomes vacant and requires immediate work. Our services include wall repairs, wall paper hanging, varnishing, glossing and anti-mould treatments.

Whatever your requirements, you can rely on Zenith to provide high quality work that is quick, reliable and cost-effective. For further details or for a quotation, please call us on 024 7668 7167 or email: info@zenithcontractservices.co.uk

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