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28th January 2014

The Benefits of Keeping Your Offices Clean

Naturally, it’s your obligation to provide a clean and safe office environment for your staff.

But given the number of employees that eat openly at their desks, and with many totally unaware of the health hazards posed by telephones and keyboard computers, it’s essential you combat any potential problems by keeping your offices spotlessly clean.

Section 2 of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 clearly states that employees should be provided with a clean environment in which to work, and there is no easier way to ensure this than by utilising the services of a professional office cleaning company such as Zenith Contractors.

Zenith offers a broad spectrum of commercial cleaning services aimed at offices in the Coventry and Warwickshire area. As an experienced and trusted office cleaning contractor, with an excellent track record in both public and private sectors, Zenith provides a flexible, friendly, professional range of contract cleaning services, and can always be relied upon to get the job done quickly, quietly and efficiently, working to an agreed daily schedule.

The benefits of keeping your office immaculately clean are immense. For a start, you’ll ensure a healthier place of work and encourage better work flow, enabling employees to focus on the job in hand without the distractions of over-flowing bins and cluttered work surfaces. A clean environment also enables staff to be better organised, increasing motivation and productivity, and enhances not only employees’ pride in the work place, but also your company’s image to visiting clients.

With so many days lost due to staff sickness, and germs spreading so quickly around the office, it pays to keep the environment as clean and tidy as possible, by having desks, equipment, surfaces, flooring, washrooms, vents and air conditioning systems regularly and professionally cleaned.

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