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3rd October 2018

Sewer Flooding Guidance

There is an increasing pressure on our sewage networks due to unpredictable weather, climate change, and population growth. This is often made worse by people putting unsuitable products down their sink or toilet, such as cooking oils, wipes, nappies or female sanitary products.

Although, our sewers are designed to cope with the majority of storms and bad weather in this country, occasionally rainfall can be too heavy or fall too quickly for our system to cope, especially with products creating blockages.

When this happens, sewage can overflow from manholes and cause flooding. Sewage can even flood homes or cause a sewage back flow.

If your home, garden or surrounding areas have been affected by sewage flooding you should:

• Keep away from the flooded areas unless wearing protective clothing
• Wash hands frequently particularly after being outdoors and always before meals or when preparing food
• Throw away any food items or unsalvageable items that may have come in contact with sewage
• If you show any symptoms of diarrhoea or vomiting after a flood, seek medical attention immediately.

It is not advised to clean the sewage and its aftermath yourself as it may contain harmful bacteria that can make you seriously ill. Therefore, it is very important to notify your local authority of the flood, your insurance company of the damage, and contact a local professional cleaning service as soon as possible.

At Zenith, we provide a fast, efficient response, ensuring that all waste left behind is removed, and that all affected areas are safely and thoroughly cleaned. We come prepared, with appropriate cleaning tools, equipment and knowledge to ensure all hazardous areas are disinfected quickly.

Understanding the delicate nature of our work, we carry out all works in strict adherence to COSHH, HSE, and the Environment Agency.

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