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29th August 2016

Results of Zenith Golf Day 2016


Zenith hosted their annual Golf Day on 26th August 2016 at Nuneaton Golf Club, with this year’s competition being the biggest entry so far.

The weather made it even more enjoyable and generally the scores reflected this. There was an incredible tussle for the individual trophy with no less than 6 players all on 39 points!!

Congratulations to all the winners and to those taking part in this year’s Zenith Golf Day and Brian Hancox Memorial.

We hope to see you all on a nice sunny day in August next year!


Below are the results ‘hall of fame & shame’ for your perusal.



1st Sertec 1 - Paul Busby, Lee Spencer, Steve Horton 87
2nd AP Racing - John Tunstall, Bill Condon, Paul Cooper 83
3rd FMSP The A - Team Garry Adams, Paul Digger, Mark Blackaby 82
4th Sertec 2 - Stephen Field, Jamie Shirley, Dave Baker 80
5th EDS Couriers - Chris Burton, Steven Ridgeway, Dave Kendle 79
6th Team Gould - Ian Gould, S fletcher, S Ramell 76
7th FMSP Bad Boyz - Gaz Sockett, Tony Murfin, I Nahar 73
8th Whitefriars - Gary Bennett, Dennis Atkinson, Steven Tully 72
10th Zenith Pola - Mike Steele, Paul Sant, Peter Ratcliffe 71
11th CSWDC Wasters - Dave Cowling, Darren Lee, Dan Watts 71
12th Brown & Cooper - Arran Brown, Steve Cooper, Jack Sant 70
13th Walsgrave Contractors - Kirk Stephens, Ian Neale, Whippet 70
14th FMSP Drinkers - Andre Kulp, Stewy Graham, M Ryan 68
15th Sun Hydraulics - Steve Hancox, Trevor lammy, James Hancox 67
16th Zenith Refitment - Martyn Hancox, Richard Adams, Evan Elpus 66
17th FMSP Belly Dancers - Gobby, Crow, Dempsey 66
18th Zenith Contractors - Adrian Irwin, David Thomas, Irene Hancox 66
19th Contechs - Peter Jarvis, Lee Wright, Darren Cerio    65
20th NGC Captain - Martyn Currie, Dan Phillips, S Kelsy 65
21st JLR Gaydon - Keith Partridge, Tim Byrne, Pete Higgins 62
22nd Millboard Muppets - Stuart Pickersgill, Michelle Adams, Mike 61
23rd IM Kelly Did Not Show due to work issues! 00

Nearest the Pins:

4th Hole Steve Ridgeway
7th Hole Steve Cooper
11th Hole Dave Cowling
17th Hole Paul Digger

Longest drive:

On the 10th: Jamie Shirley

Top Ten Best Individual Scores:

1st       Steve Horton   39 (Better back 9)
2nd Dave Baker 39
3rd Paul Digger             39
4th Tony Murfin 39
5th Paul Cooper 39
6th Chris Burton   39
7th Peter Ratcliffe 38
8th Lee Spencer    38
9th Martyn Hancox 37
10th Jamie Shirley 37


Special Award for being a good egg: Richard Adams

'Better Than Brian Award' (Family/Friend of Brian Hancox): Richard Adams

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