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5th July 2023

Planning ahead for your new factory floor installation

Installing a new floor in your factory, warehouse or industrial premises requires a fair degree of planning in order to minimise downtime. Here, we provide a few essential guidelines, highlighting the main points to consider, along with the benefits of having a resin floor installed, with its superior strength and longevity.

Planning ahead

The obvious solution is to select a period of downtime, such as your annual summer factory shutdown, or a traditionally quiet period, when personnel are absent and machinery can easily be shut down. It’s advisable to carry out any routine maintenance or machine upgrades before the new flooring is installed to prevent unnecessary scratches or damage.

It’s also essential to work with a professional industrial flooring contractor, with the expertise and experience to guide you through the process and advise on how much flooring can be installed within the parameters of your shutdown period. The last thing you want is personnel returning and being unable to walk on areas where flooring is still being installed. A professional installer knows exactly how long each stage of the installation process takes and can accurately assess the period of time required.


Adequate preparation is vitally important to ensure your new floor delivers maximum performance in terms of quality and longevity. It’s not simply a case of sweeping and cleaning the existing area: the amount of preparation required depends on the state of the existing floor and it’s important to allow the time to do the necessary groundwork.

A professional contractor will not only carry out the ground work as speedily and efficiently as possible, but will also provide a dust control system to protect your plant and processes. A diamond floor grinder may also be required, to provide the necessary surface on which to apply a resin floor, ensuring a high quality finish.

Proven expertise

Zenith Contract Services Flooring Division has many years’ expertise installing heavy duty flooring solutions within factory and industrial premises and can guide you through the process, making best use of the time available and ensuring the best possible results.

With proven expertise in delivering projects of all sizes, across most sectors, including automotive, industrial, engineering, food & drink and pharmaceutical, we are used to working in challenging environments and providing a solution able to withstand the heaviest usage.

Our flooring systems utilise advanced materials and installation methods, with a range of different options available, ensuring a highly quality, seamless finish that is strong, durable and fit-for purpose. As an approved installer of many of the UK’s leading resin manufacturers, we deliver not only durability but also the required finish and look.

Project management

We’ll work with you from conception to completion, closely managing every stage of the project to achieve the best possible finish. Committed to the highest quality standards, we have a proven track record for reliability and professionalism. Also, with many years’ practical experience, we’re able to identify potential issues along the way, often saving clients many thousands of pounds by providing the right advice at the right time, and ensuring we take the optimum way forward.

Find out more about Resin and Industrial Flooring and download our Seamless Flooring Brochure.

Talk to Zenith Contract Services

If you’re looking to upgrade your existing factory floor and would like help to formulate the optimum working schedule, please get in touch with the Zenith Contract Services Flooring Division for a no obligation, preliminary chat. Whether you require a simple coating or a complete flooring installation, we can provide a one-stop solution. Either call us on 024 7668 7167 or email: info@zenithcontractservices.co.uk

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