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2nd December 2013

Keeping Portakabin Clean


From the first day their cleaning contract commenced, Zenith has made a real difference at Portakabin.

Pioneers in the manufacture of portable and modular buildings for more than 50 years, Portakabin is a large group, operating in five countries and employing more than 1,300 people. The company has always embraced innovation and continues to develop exceptional buildings that meet the challenges of sustainable, high quality construction.

It goes without saying that Portakabin expects the best, in terms of performance and attention to detail, from their cleaning staff, and they have been extremely satisfied since appointing Zenith to clean at their site.

“Coming back in after their first clean, I immediately noticed a huge difference,” says Sarah Denton, Manager at Portakabin Ltd, “Zenith have a fantastic team and it really shows in their work how thorough they are.”

All members of the team have received excellent feedback from Portakabin and the company has commented that they would wholeheartedly recommend Zenith as a great cleaning solution. Committed to the highest standards and consistently taking a pride in their work, Zenith’s team continues to deliver outstanding results at Portakabin.

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