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15th September 2023

Ignore your gutters at your peril!

Autumn is the optimum time to clean gutters when there may be a build-up of leaves and other organic matter, potentially causing blockages, overflowing pipes and other damage. Given the heavy rainfall that occurs in the UK, investment in professional gutter cleaning is essential and recommended by insurers, helping to avoid unnecessary problems and unforeseen costs in rectifying issues. 

Leaving your guttering unattended is a risky strategy, particularly in the autumn, as there is likely to be a build-up of debris and organic matter, such as leaves, moss, bird droppings, mould, mildew and dirt. A blockage in a gutter or downpipe can cause damage not only to the external guttering and surrounding roof areas, but could also cause water to seep into the foundations, potentially leading to serious structural problems, or into internal areas. 

Water and pest damage 

In a worst case scenario, this could have a wider effect, causing damage to internal decoration and stock, electrical issues, machinery breakdown and potentially contamination with raw materials. Before you know it, the damage could be extensive and you may be looking at temporary closure while rectifying the issue and reclaiming costs via your insurance policy, with a potential increase in your premium at renewal. 

A blocked gutter can also attract wildlife, such as rodents, birds and insects, which could potentially lead to an infestation, requiring much greater remedial action. 

This may seem like a dramatic assessment of the situation, but blockages, overspill, leaks and water damage can cause significant problems and incur high costs that could all too easily be easily avoided with regular, professional gutter cleaning. 

Creating a professional image 

As well as helping you to avoid the more serious implications of water damage and damp, regularly cleaned guttering will also ensure your property looks well-maintained, tidy and clean. Fascias and soffit boards can also be affected by a build-up of dirt, mildew and mould, creating an unsightly exterior. Regular cleaning will create a professional image and make a good impression on visitors and customers. 

Why Zenith? 

Here at Zenith, we take great pride in working to the highest professional standards and offer a full gutter cleaning service for all types of property, throughout the commercial, industrial, retail and residential sectors, including offices, shops, warehouses, residential developments and local authority buildings. 

Trained professionals

All work is carried out by our experienced team, comprising fully trained operatives with the appropriate skills and knowledge to provide a professional reliable service. 

Health and safety 

With health & safety a priority, we ensure our teams and equipment are fully compliant with the latest legislation, and will always carry out a risk assessment before commencing work, ensuring our services are carried out safely and efficiently. Although our teams are trained to work at height, they tend to remove debris and clutter using specialist equipment and gutter vacuums, guided by remote cameras, providing a safe, accurate means of cleaning gutters. As required, they can also revive the external appearance of guttering and fascia using water-fed pole technology and specialist cleaning agents, with all cleaning products environmentally safe and biodegradable. 

Remedial work 

While the guttering is being cleaned, we can also assess the overall condition of gutters, advising on any remedial work that is necessary, as a result of missing brackets, misaligned drain pipes, leaking joints, perforated guttering and blocked outlets. By taking care of your guttering today, you are most definitely preventing serious issues in the future and avoiding costly repairs. 

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Contact Zenith today 

Whatever your guttering requirements, whether for school, office or retail premises; warehouse, care home or apartment block; ground level or high level building, we have the capability to meet your needs, providing a safe, reliable, professional solution. 

To find out more or to book a gutter clean, please contact us today. Either call us on 024 7668 7167 or email: info@zenithcontractservices.co.uk


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