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9th June 2014

How to maintain and clean your resin floor


Resin floors are tough, resilient systems, but to maintain the floor’s performance characteristics, an appropriate cleaning regime should be followed.

Fine particles of dust, dirt and debris can settle on the resin floor and, with regular traffic, act as abrasives. To prevent this occurring, regular cleaning is essential, using proper cleaning techniques. This is particularly important in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, where it is essential to maintain hygienic surfaces. In engineering works, metal swarf is especially abrasive and can cause damage in a short space of time if not removed from the floor.

To maintain a clean and safe environment, a suitable dust control system and cleaning/vacuum removal is essential, in addition to routine manual or mechanical sweeping. A mechanical scrubber with wet vacuum is recommended, as opposed to washing with a mop and bucket, which is often not suitable.

In the event of corrosive chemical spillage, the surface should be cleaned as soon as possible, otherwise repairs to the floor may be needed to prevent the damage spreading. Likewise, any mechanical damage to the floor surface should also be repaired as soon as possible to prevent liquids penetrating down to the bond line and causing lateral failure.

Floor cleaning regime

The cleaning regime will be determined by a number of factors, such as the type of resin flooring installed, type and frequency of traffic, degree and type of soiling, and specific hygiene requirements. Each cleaning regime will be specific to the conditions, so for heavy soiling, for example, a change in cleaning chemicals may be required.

Resin flooring will not be affected by most generally available, special-purpose cleaning materials, when used in accordance with the Chemical Cleaning Manufacturer’s instructions and the floor rinsed with clean water. A spot test in an inconspicuous area is a worthwhile precaution before applying a new cleaning product.

General guidelines

• Sweep floor to remove loose debris and accumulations of soil.
• Use the appropriate cleaning agent eg. detergent, deodorizer, degreaser, emulsifier (or combination), following regulations for disposal.
• Mechanical scrubbing is the preferred method for cleaning resin floors: agitate using the floor scrubber, the remove dirty water with wet vacuum.
• Rinse and scrub again, then vacuum clean and dry.
• Follow guidelines for choice of brush or pad: brushes are usually better on floors with a raised non-slip finish or significant texture.
• If using pressure wash or steam cleaning, check with the installer/manufacturer as to the suitability of the floor.
• Ensure that cleaning equipment is regularly cleaned.

Zenith will specify the appropriate cleaning regime for your floor, including the type of equipment and cleaning chemicals to be used and the frequency of the cleaning. For further details and specialist information on such area as pressure washing/steam cleaning, static-controlled flooring, floors with high gloss finish, and different types of cleaning materials, brushes and pads. 

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