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26th October 2016

Garden Clearance at Void Property


Zenith Contractors’ team was called in by Midland Heart to carry out a garden clearance at one of their void properties, which had become completely overgrown, prior to new clients moving in.

As one of the top ten housing and care organisations in the UK, Midland Heart owns and maintains over 32,000 properties across 54 local authority areas, providing and maintaining homes for more than 70,000 people.

Zenith Contractors is often called out by Midland Heart to assist with problem properties requiring a fast, professional response, with jobs ranging from fire and water damage through to clearance of rubbish and hazardous waste. Garden clearance tends to be a regular requirement, with the team called out nearly every week.

This job involved a void property with a badly overgrown rear garden, containing grass, shrubs, debris and rubbish. Displaying their usual ‘can do’ approach, the team leapt into action with cutters and strimmers, completely clearing the garden in two days.

A spokesman from Zenith’s team said: “Gardens at void properties are typically overgrown and often contain rubbish hidden within. We are required to clear to ground level trim and remove any shrubs or trees that are blocking light, ready for the incoming tenants.”

With the capability and experience to deal with each situation as they find it, and a reputation for providing a one-stop solution, Zenith’s team worked quickly and effectively. Once again, this job highlights the team’s ability to get the job done on time, to the best of their ability, and willingness to turn their hand to any type of job, large or small.

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