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12th October 2017

A Zenith Winter Commercial Clean

A deep, professional clean can eliminate cold and flu viruses from an office setting, which is essential for the health and safety of all staff. Phones, keyboards, mouses and desks all hold and transfer bacteria and viruses that can last up 24 hours on these hard surfaces.

As doors and windows remain closed in winter, airborne pathogens also spread at a quicker rate, as the quality of air decreases. Carpets and windows also become harder to keep clean, due to unpredictable British weather, which can cause damp and mould. This is not only damaging to the well-being off your employees but also to your reputation and the impression you give as a business.

Why you need to have a Zenith winter commercial clean:

>  Zenith don’t cut corners and understand what clean means. Having a professional clean means that all key areas for bacteria build up are identified and cleaned, even areas that you may not have considered such as door handles and kitchen appliances.

>  A thorough clean is time-consuming. With a full-time job, you do not have time to clean your work area extensively. That is where a commercial cleaning service can come in handy. Zenith offer a flexible service, around your work schedule and offer ‘task cleaning’, meaning they like to stick to the price you are quoted on.

>  Trained and skilled professionals are reliable and work to high standards. Zenith exceed customer expectations, understanding the cleaning requirements and finding the right solution, allowing for a consistent level of service to be delivered.

Zenith have over 30 years’ experience and are a trusted cleaning contractor, that also supply a one-off service. Whatever your requirements they will get the job done.

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