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18th September 2017

A Thorough Winter Pest Control

As the temperatures drop and the weather becomes harrowing, your heated home or workplace is increasingly attractive to insects and rodents who also want to stay warm.

Whilst pests are always unpleasant, they are potentially dangerous to your home and your health. Pests, particularly cockroaches, mice and rats, carry diseases, such as parasites and salmonella, and can contaminate surrounding areas on the hunt for a food supply. Their droppings are also hazardous to your health, releasing airborne particles that can be inhaled, making you very unwell. Should you be bitten or stung, you can also experience allergies that are potentially lethal. Additionally, pests are renowned for being destructive, cutting into wires, structures, food and stored goods.

If it is your business site that has pests, it is your responsibility to eradicate them under the Public Health Act and Food Safety Act, whilst protecting your reputation.

However, many are often unsure of how to exterminate pests safely and efficiently. Zenith offer a thorough pest control service, including flea eradication. As environmental cleaners, Zenith possess the highly specialised skills required to undertake any pest control task, regardless of how complex it may be, using right level of safety equipment to ensure each task is carried out without risk.

Their service is flexible, reliable and responsive.

Find out more about our Specialist Cleaning Services, or for an immediate response, call 02476 687167.

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