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Case Study: Resin Flooring

Immedia, Newbury

  • Immedia
  • Contractor: D & J Cole
  • Commenced: October 2013
  • Completed: October 2013
  • Area Coverage: 100m2

Immedia, who specialise in music strategies and instore media, required their new 100m2 head office to be refurbished with a clinical, industrial look. A seamless resin floor, supplied and installed by Zenith, provided the ideal solution to their requirements, although the poor quality existing substrate and limited access due to the building’s location presented difficult conditions.

Weber 4360 was used to flood rough areas on the existing substrate and any high spots were planed away. Weber 4655 was then laid on top, having first double primed the surface with Maxit Floor 4716. Resuseal WB water-based epoxy was applied, followed by one coat of Resucoat HB high–build epoxy, and the floor was then sealed with one coat of Resupen WB matt polyurethane sealer.

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  • Products & Systems Used:
  • Maxit Floor 4761
  • Maxit Floor 4360
  • Maxit Floor 4655
  • Resuseal WB water-based epoxy
  • Resucoat HB high-build epoxy
  • Resupen WB matt polyurethane seal
Hear what our customers have to say:

“Zenith’s resin floor provided a simple but effective system, meeting the clients requirements for a seamless, clinical, industrial look, and providing a hard, durable and stylish finish.”

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