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Case Study: Cleaning Services

Deep Environmental Clean & House Clearance

  • City Council
  • Timing: One Week

Zenith Contractors was called in to perform a deep environmental clean in a property belonging to a local City Council. The two story Victorian house required a complete clearance and environmental clean, with a one week turnaround.

Having appeared never to be cleaned, Zenith’s team found the majority of the rooms and part of the garden piled high with bin bags and removed some 4.5 tonnes of rubbish. Heavily cobwebbed and all floor areas covered in a thick layer of grease, grime and excreta the operatives had to clean the hallway, stairs and landing wooden floors using a paint scraper. The team also had to remove grease and dirt from the kitchen as well as unblocking all three toilets and sinks within the property.

The clearance and environmental clean was completed within the week specified, bearing testament to Zenith’s professional approach and ‘can do’ attitude. Zenith’s teams pride themselves on always rising to the occasion, whatever the nature of the job, whether clearing a void property, getting rid of hazardous waste or making good fire damage, and consistently perform their work quickly, efficiently and reliably.

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“We have the capability to deal with all kinds of environmental jobs, including quick response to urgent environmental cleaning requirements. Every property is different and we possess the knowledge and capability to deal with each situation as we find it.”

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